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We thank you for visiting Hope Hill Transformation Church. We strive to be a beacon of hope and center for change in our city. With your help we can accomplish this through

many of the ministries and small groups found below.
There is hope
outreach initiative

An outreach ministry where we believe in servicing the needs of those in our community who are less fortunate. We provide a fully staffed food & clothes pantry as well as shelter alternatives & solutions.

Hope Kids + teens

Our youth ministry is for children between the ages of 4 years to 17 years of age. These ages are broken up into multiple groups that provide age appropriate teachings and activities for the different age groups.

cycle breakers

This ministry assists the community and the body of Christ with overcoming strongholds and traumas through coaching and counseling. Sessions are broken up into multiple small groups that help with many struggles and issues which include:

  • Overcoming Addictions (Drugs, Sex & Alcohol)

  • Overcoming Sexual Abuse

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Overcoming Sexual Identity Crisis

This Thing We Have

Marriage Ministry

This is our marriage ministry which was solely established to cultivate, edify and sustain our marriages. Sessions consist of workshops, outings, retreats and personal counseling for those in need.

Marriage Ministry
single's Ministry

Perfecting Me

Our single’s ministry where we encourage individuals to maintain a strong relationship with the Father while also encouraging them to love and know themselves before they try loving and knowing someone else. Workshops, outings and counseling are also available for this ministry as well.

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